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Welcome to Montana Crochet!

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Our cabin. 

Our cabin. 

Yo yo yo!

Ashley here - head maker, earth quaker, and martini shaker at Montana Crochet!!!

I started this long and unbelievably boring blog post to introduce myself to you, dear reader, and then I deleted the whole damn thing.

It was so fake I couldn't stand it. (Like, it was BAD.)

So instead, I'll let this be your first introduction to me and the goings on here at Montana Crochet!

This lovely little piece of the internet that I've carved out for myself is going to be a place where, hopefully, you can be a little more yourself.

A place for us to engage and ask questions. A place where we can learn together! A place where we can share our hatred for weaving in ends and having to frog projects that took us way longer than they should have. 

A place for crochet confessions. Have you ever lit one of your projects on fire because it pissed you off so much? *Raises hand proudly!!* (More on that later...)

How about a place where you can meet other makers?  And not in the way that you've normally seen. I'm talking real conversations! Not just about their craft, but about the real shit. I want to know if they wake up at 5:00 AM like me, running across the house to assist in searching for a pair of their husband's gloves so that their secret yarn stash won't be discovered in the depths of that closet. What about fibers that you CANNOT STAND? Guys... if one more random friend of mine tries to "gift" me their late Grandma's stash of Red Heart, I'm going to SCREAM.

So that's my intention here! Feel free to take a look around (There's not much right now. I mean, these things all have to start somewhere, right?!) and if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to drop me a quick note! 

Until next time... Cheers!