Montana Crochet

About Ashley

“Life is short.
Buy the damn yarn!
— Anonymous

A few things you should know...

  • Tacos are life.
  • I have four tattoos. Would love to get more. Next tattoo will definitely be crochet related!
  • I overuse exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Used to hate the idea of podcasts. Now I'm addicted. Email me a list of your favorites, please?!!!!!!!
  • My Dad took me to visit Kennedy Space Center in Florida when I was 12. It was a religious experience. Seriously!!!!!! If you haven't been, GO THERE NOW!

An avid crocheter for 24 years, Ashley is finally living her dream of designing patterns
and also testing patterns for other designers in the crochet community.

She is a proud 3rd Generation Montanan and owns a cabin in the Lewis & Clark Mountain Range
outside of Helena, Montana with her husband of 12 years, two kiddos, and her dog, Dakota.